Heavenly Flower

806547-heavenly-flower the use of essential oils in massage is a great way to maximize the healing power of massage itself. When combined with reiki, the effect is profound, calming and balances the emotional and energetic body. Read More →

Holistic Massage

Deep Tissue A mixture of massage technique are employed here, which help balance and armonize the body, mind & spirit. An individual selection of therapies is made according to your particular needs. Possible options include: deep tissue massage swedish massage, hot stones, reflexology, reiki & shiatsu and full body massage. Read More →

Ethnic Massage

Ethnic Massage Relieves muscle tension. Ethnic technique for closing joints with the traditional rebozo, (cotton scraf), is applied after relaxing massage. One hour duration. Read More →


footmassage This therapy is only applied on the feet, helps to restore the natural harmony of the body; it utilizes pressure in energetic channels that connect to an organ or viscera in particular, obtaining an optimal body performance. Useful for diverse diseases and any kind of pain. No oils are used. The treatment is from half hour until one hour. Read More →

Abhyanga Massage

Abhyangan-Massage Relaxing massage using hot oils with different and pressure according to your dosha (vata, pitta or kapha). Helps to eliminate toxins and fortifies immunological system. Massage is applied throughout the body. One hour duration. Read More →


Shiatsu Massage Technique of Japanese origin, applied on the floor, with comfortable clothes, no oils are used for its application and utilizes hand and thumb pressure over the various channels of energy throughout the body, where energy tends to obstruct or block, the quantity of pressure depends of the physical characteristics as well as the age of each person. Useful to release energy (yin y yang). The Massage is applied throughout the body. One hour duration. Read More →