Thai Massage

Thai Massage This massage is executed by gently muscular stretching; as well as the Asanas (postures) of Yoga in assisted way. It is applied on the floor with comfortable clothes so that, the body has greater facility to move. It favors greater extend in the range of motion, provides flexibility to the body. No oils are used. One hour duration. Read More →

Hot stones

1299522934_img1 This massage is applied throughout the body, obsidian or basaltic stones of varying size, shape, thickness and different energy charge from nature are used. The temperature and pressure applied depend on the part of the body to treat; it works on the main chakras, helps people with rheumatism, arthritis, extreme fatigue, insomnia and stress. One hour duration. Read More →

Antistress Massage

Anti-stress Deep muscular massage, ideal for those whose experience stress, nervousness and insomnia in their daily life.Emphasis on the major stress zones such as shoulders, neck and lumbar region. The Massage is applied throughout the body. One hour duration Read More →