Acupuncture is an essential part
of traditional chinese medicine that
helps to correct imbalances in our
bodies & minds.


Auricular acupuncture can be used to diagnose an treat various conditions and can be combined with other treatments to address specific health issues or to provide a deep sense of rejuvenation & relaxation


A healing technique that connects you to the universal energies. The therapist places his/her hands on different parts of the body and cleanses, clears, unblocks and moves the cosmic energies to help you heal and align your body.

Increases your overall level of energy, helps eliminate stress, relaxes and relieves migranes, depression and menstral pains. Reiki also cleans the body of toxins and lessens physical pains of all sorts as well as emotional, mental and spiritual suffering.

Bach flower remedies

The bach flower remedies are used to resolve both emotional and psychological issues.
Individualized session includes flower essences to help liberate patterns and open new pathways in our lives.

Crystal Healing

Frees up repressed emotions. The internal structure of crystals have an afinity with the physical and etheric bodies of humans.

Therapies with quartz and obsidian crystals help achieve neurological balance and the integration of both hemispheres of the brain and offers complete body relaxation, the optimal funtioning of your organs, the freeing up of mental suffering and the unblocking of emotions.

All sicknesses have their roots in energy blockages and reiki is the removing and the dissolution of these blockages.

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