Psychic readings, tarot, aura and pendulum

The readings I offer are emotional, physiological and energetic. Once the connection is made using a personal metallic object (jewelry, watch, etc.) I channel the answers to any questions asked according to what I feel, hear or see. Each reading is initiated with the highest good of the individual in mind and with the intention to resolve any personal issues, whether they are sentimental, family or work related. I have been told I am a medical intuit, a healer, that is for you to decide. I simply choose to serve.

- Eliz Olivella

Music Therapy

Sound therapy is an ancient medicine, the vibration of the sounds opens the doors to the unconscious where we have experience of healing. The beautiful ancient sounds of the didgeridoo reconnect us with mother nature. Olivares Huemac musician therapist and researcher of different forms of ethnic musical performance.

Traditional Oaxacan Limpia

Known as “spirit cleansing”, the traditional healer invokes the powers of the gods to expel negative energies from the body, mind & spirit by reciting prayers, lying on of hands, cleansing with eggs & candles, or sweeping the air around the body with various medicinal plants.


The current uses of the temazcal are the same or similar to those that arose in acient México, for recovery or conservation of health, to achieve a balance bioenergetic and spiritual purification the stages of the rite as they are; spraying the stones the uses of medicinal herbs, meditation inside the temazcal, the sweat, drink of tea, etc are preserved and respected according to tradition.

Recommendations: Do not eat food at least one hour prior to the Temazcal. Bring swimsuit. If you feel fear or anxiety when this inside the Temazcal, feel free to leave at any time.

Contraindications: not recommended in heart ailments, high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, pregnancy.